[insert institution name] now has access to the Altmetric Explorer for Institutions platform 

Dear Colleagues
We're pleased to announce that the Altmetric Explorer for Institutions platform is now available to all faculty at
[insert institution name]

Access Explorer for Institutions

This tool tracks attention for all of the articles published by researchers at [insert institution name]. The article details are fed in [insert population method], and the platform collates and displays mentions of those articles from non-traditional sources such as public policy documents, mainstream and social media, post-publication peer-review sites, and online reference managers. 

Choose Explore my Institution to browse by [insert institutional name] Author, Department or Journal Subjects and create custom groups to set up alerts for specific lists of publications.

The real-time data provides insight into who is sharing and discussing the work online. Researchers can use the Altmetric platform to:

  • See how much online attention their research is getting from the general public and the academic community.
  • Understand who is talking about their research, and what they're saying.
  • Compare the broader societal impact of their research with that of other articles within their academic discipline, or across different disciplines.
  • Showcase the impact of their articles when applying for faculty positions and funding grants.

Please do take the time to visit the site and have a look around. Access is automated via IP recognition, and you are welcome to create an account to enable you to save workspaces, export reports and create custom groups. 

A guide explaining the 'donut' visualization and Altmetric score can be found here, and
click here to find out more about which sources are tracked and how the score is calculated. 

Please email
[insert relevant email] if you have any questions or would like to request training for your team.